Recent Files
Name Department Organisation Created at Expires
Lease Agreement
Administration Zanzibar State Trading Corporation 15/Sep/2020 14/Sep/2021
DIS MIC TANZANIA PLC 24/Mar/2021 24/Mar/2023
Agreement To Transfer Newspaper
Courier Global publishers and general enterprises Limited 14/Apr/2021 13/Apr/2021
Digital Content Distribution Agreement
DIS Media Convergence 06/Apr/2021 28/Feb/2024
Content Publishing Agreement
Editorial China Embassy 27/Apr/2021 26/Apr/2022
Egazeti Digital Service
Advertising Azania Bank Limited 25/Jan/2021 24/Jan/2022
Memorandum Of Understanding(MOU)
DIS Plus Network Limited 11/Feb/2022 11/Jan/2023
Security Guard Services Agreement
Administration Kiwango security 01/Feb/2021 31/Jan/2022
DIS Cellulant 21/Jul/2022 31/Jul/2022
Web Designer’s Guide to Project Schedules
Production Mwananchi Communications Ltd 31/May/2022 22/Jun/2022